Institute of the Information Society

The goal of Institute of  the Information Society at the National University of Public Service (Budapest) is to conduct interdisciplinary research into the effects of infocommunication services and new technologies on individuals, society, the upholding of fundamental rights and democratic public discourse, and to investigate legal questions resulting therefrom. At the Institute, researchers from diverse academic and professional backgrounds work together to analyze and understand the complex features and dilemmas of the information society. The Institute endeavours to monitor the burgeoning reality of information, big data and communication, to identify developments that need to be addressed by legislation, and to elaborate policy recommendations. The research institute seeks to take an active part in the vibrant international academic and public discussions about the challenges of the 21st Century digital culture.

Research areas

The Institute explores issues related to the information society with a special focus on the following fields:

  • fundamental rights in the information society
  • freedom of speech and democratic public discourse
  • data protection
  • free access to information
  • privacy
  • artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making
  • intellectual property
  • competition law
  • cybercrime
  • sharing economy
  • digital culture

The website of the Institute

Head of Institute

Bernát Török


Bettina Horváth