About the Centre

The Eötvös József Research Centre (hereinafter: EJRC) of the University of Public Service was established on 1st  February 2019 and currently operates under the leadership of the Director, supervised by the Rector. The EJRC is ann academic organizational body of the University that is responsible for organizing strategic level research in a centralized manner and operating research institutes.

The EJRC conducts multidisciplinary research at the strategic level through its research institutes, which conduct strategic research in specific fields. The results of this research are incorporated into the educational activities of the faculties, and thereby enrich the University’s scholarly activity in general and contribute to strengthening cooperation with the scholars of other higher education institutions and academic institutions.

The mission of the Centre is, furthermore, to continue József Eötvös’s work in political science and to nurture his intellectual legacy. The work of József Eötvös constitutes an intellectual and quality framework for the research centre which bears his name and a yardstick against which to measure its activities. The figure of József Eötvös is exemplary to the scholars of the Centre both in terms of values and of the diversity of the work he carried out. These shared values included a commitment to the national interest, dedication towards the civic development of our home country, faith in the power of education and culture and loyalty to the noblest Hungarian traditions of 19th century liberalism. The diversity of focus is manifested in the exemplary polyphony of actions with which József Eötvös forged a legacy in the scholarship, political public life and ministerial administration, while completing his life’s work with his literary creations. The quality and diversity that characterizes his life’s work sends a clear message to the members of the Research Centre bearing his name.

EJRC Staff


Bernát Török

Office Manager

Anett Szopkó

Event organization

Noémi Petrik-Bodroghelyi

International Relations

Kinga Sorbán

Organization of Scientific Affairs

Alex Pongrácz

English language proofreading

Stephen Patrick


Bettina Horváth